Picture of a crumpled handwritten letter from a Madison teen.


Writing is an extremely personal way to share your story. Working with creative writing partners like the, Rob Dz,  JVN Projectand others, Madison teenagers tell it like it is.

Grandmas House


smell of cookies being baked in the oven
silence sweeps over me.
until the kind words of grandma spill out
of her mouth and comfort me.
The TV quietly on in the backroom.
loud enough for me to hear
door bell ringing warning me more family 
is here.
The cries from my second cousin ring through my ears.
Hugs are exchanged.
I see the coloring dye in the middle of 
the table.
dipping hard boil eggs in the dye with 
my cousins on easter day
To be surrounded by family always brings joy to me.

The Block

As I walk down the block
should I always worried about
getting stoped when I see the
cops put your hands on your
head no reason just for looking like
a joc no matter where you go
the smell of cigarrett smoke will flow
will follow and as you swallow
throught burns as if you smoked
it to and out the blue 10-20
dudes will follow you as you come
down the wrong block people will
just plot on you