Mask Off

Madison Public Library Bubbler Making Justice Mask Off teen art exhibition


The Bubbler, in collaboration with the Neighborhood Intervention Program and Faisal Abdu’Allah, presents an art exhibition by Madison youth. MASK OFF brought together UW-Madison staff, Teen Bubbler, and teenagers of greater Madison to celebrate identity, alter egos, and human complexity. Based on 15 weeks of workshops with diverse artists, the project emphasized the multivocality and diversity of the youth who are often at the forefront of the nation’s friction. The art, made by the youth, tells stories about the multiple facettes of self-imagination versus determination by society. The alter egos that the teens developed reflect upon their adaptation to challenges encountered in their environment. We say: "Mask off!" to celebrate the uniqueness and fragility of each and everyone.

MASK OFF is a permanent installation at the Neighborhood Intervention Program headquarters in Madison, WI.

Madison Public Library Bubbler Making Justice Mask Off teen art exhibition


Thank you FAISAL ABDU'ALLAH and the many other artists, educators, activists and funders who have made this exhibit possible, including:

Marta-Laura Suska
Carlos Gacharna
Jessi Salgado
Richard Jones, Jr.
Carlee Latimer
Rob "Rob Dz" Franklin
Elizabeth Jean Younce
Teddy Benson
Janice Havlena
Trent Miller
Pacal "DJ Pain 1" Bayley
Neighborhood Intervention Program
Sweet Tea Restaurant
Cress Spring Bakery
Willy St. Coop
Madison Graphics
Madison Public Library Foundation
UW Arts Institute
UW Center for the Humanities
Madison Arts Commission
Magic Pebble Foundation
Scooter Software